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Kronic Tonic Crash Tincture
Kronic Tonic Brain Power Tincture
Kronic Tonic Arousal Tincture
Indica cannabis infused with melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. When your levels are low you experience restlessness and wakefulness. This blend is to help achieve a quiet and restful end of day. Sativa cannabis infused with Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo increases bloodflow to the brain and acts as an antioxidant while improving memory and cognitive thinking. So what are you thinking? I think I'm gonna be a rocket scientist! Gimme some of that Brain Power! Indica cannabis infused with suma root (Brazilian Ginseng). Natives of the Amazon have used suma root for centuries to boost libido. Much of suma root's traditional use has been as an aphrodisiac evidence suggests it helps to support balanced hormone levels. So come on and get your game on.
Kronic Tonic Sativa/CBD Blend Tincture
Kronic Tonic CBD Tincture
Kronic Tonic Indica/CBD Blend

The Sativa/CBD Blend is formulated to produce the perfect combination of head high along with the ache reducing qualities of CBD.  Great for those times when you need a little relief from the stress of both body and mind, with a little added kick of our premium Sativa thrown in for good measure.

CBD is made with a high quality cannabis that is high in CBD.  Blended specifically for body relaxing with ache reducing properties.  This tincture is low in THC so that you can unwind and have relief without the substansial high. It will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted will still retaining your focus.

  The Indica/CBD blend is formulated with your body in mind.  A gentle blend of CBD for those body aches and a pinch of Indica for a nice body high.  With both euphoric and pain relieving properties, the result is a more clear headed and relaxed whole body experience.

Kronic Tonic Indica Tincture
Kronic Tonic Sativa Tincture

Indica tincture is made with an Indica cannabis that will ensure the perfect body high.  Very relaxing and a great way to calm you down after a long day of work or play.  Indica is a body high that transports you away to cloud nine, relaxed and tranquil.  So if you are ready to chill, Indica is a good choice for you.

The PMS tonic is a CBD/Indica Tincture infused with White Willow Bark and Black Cohosh.  The Black Cohosh herb is highly anti-inflammatory and a great anti-spasmodic.  This herb is not only great for cramps, but also for other muscle pain, hot flashed and mood swings brought on by menopause.


The White Willow Bark herb is so effective and works quickly to bring down inflammation and to reduce even the most severe cramps to nearly nothing.  A little bit on your tampon can help reduce cramps almost immediately.

Sativa tincture is made with a sativa cannabis that will ensure the perfect head high and can help keep you going all day and through the night.  This is our rock star blend that we advise against taking before bedtime.  Sativa will leave you feeling like a rock star-happy, euphoric, relaxed and uplifted.

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